Gorgeous Indoor Plants to Adorn Your Dubai Home

Damas Flowers offers an exquisite selection of indoor house plants for residential, office and commercial spaces. Our collection of indoor plants in Dubai is the perfect addition to any room or space, making it livelier and creating an atmosphere of freshness, elegance and tranquillity.

Take a look at our exclusive range of house plants to find the perfect piece of greenery to complement the interiors of your space.

Bring nature’s beauty indoors with a chic house plant from Damas Flowers

With our rich selection of indoor house plants, you can see a wide and diverse range of style options – from classic favourites and cottage vintage, to modern and chic arrangements. Whether you are planning to own one or intend to give it as a gift, our plants collection offers a delightful range of attractive options.

From a bunch of red and white roses, to a dozen long-stemmed tulips and charming orchids, we’ve got a wealth of options for you to choose from! Our selection offers you so much colour and variety that it’s well worth spending a bit more time exploring our online store to find the perfect one for you or for your loved ones.

Want to buy a potted evergreen for your friend’s housewarming party? Or perhaps a bouquet of white daises to wish someone well? We have the perfect choices waiting for you, at prices that are well within your budget.

Guaranteed fresh and beautiful indoor evergreen & flowering plants

At Damas Flowers, we go the extra mile to make sure each and every plant arrives at your doorstep in perfect condition. Our staff are all trained and experienced in caring for different evergreens and flowers, so the beauty and freshness of our plant offerings is carefully preserved, allowing it to last beautifully for a long time.

So shop for your favourite potted or flowering plant today! With same day and next day delivery available on most plants, you are sure to find and get the best one right away!

For more information on prices, please dial +971 556100064 so we can personally assist you.

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