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Be thou the first to express your Eid Al Fitr greetings to your near and dears this Eid.

The holy month of Ramadan is about to conclude. After a month’s dedicated devotion and rigorous religious penance, one certainly deserves a grand celebration on Eid Al Fitr by following the norms and procedures of Islam.

It is said:-

Flowers are living, they speak if it’s a gift;

Kiss and woes all elope, remains their no rift” 

Rainbow Cluster Bouquet

Sending flowers this Eid to friends, loved ones, to your special someone, relations will not only enchant your life, it will make you someone very extraordinary caring and compassionate.

This human life of ours is not for self alone, it is for others as well. One must adopt the character of a flower in one’s life. During this Eid everyone must gift flowers to your near and dears. This will give you an inspiration to be human, to love mankind. Our holy Prophet Hazrat Mohd  Hazoor-e-ala Salai-ul-e-sullum (PBUH) had preached, “Allah loves those who love mankind”. As a true devotee and follower of Islam do not miss the opportunity to present flowers this EID. Eid Al Fitr is a very special occasion to express your love, gratitude and reverence to your very special ones. Breaking away from the traditional gifting to gifting flowers in a psychedelic manner will add a special meaning to your flowery expression.

Colorful Flower centerpiece

Flower’s characteristics are numerous. It’s fragrance, beautiful looks, its very presence charges one with energy, freshness, happiness, courage adding a new spark in one’s life. It is upon you now to decide, “What to do”?

Opportunities in life are rare therefore encash it as it comes. It is rightly said, “time and tide waits for none”.

Flowers of different kind and varieties have specific names and reference. The traditional market of flowers dominating in the oxidant are now shifting to the oriental markets of Gulf which definitely is a well-deserved change.

white tall beauty

Men are aware:-

“Amidst the Gulf heat, Ramadan is the task of the hour;

“Allah Mohaabat Saabreen”, HE will bless you with power”

tulips bouquet


Lastly, flowers are very many and in different colours and shape. Choose the colour of your like and choice for gifting. You, I am sure will be blessed and rewarded by Allah the Almighty.

Damas flowers is at your service this Eid Al Fitr with all humbleness.

Wish you all “Eid Al Fitr Al Mubarak”.


Written and posted by Aditi Bhatt.

Copyright: 2016. All rights reserved.