Send a Fruit Basket for a Thoughtful Gift

Send a Fruit Basket for a Thoughtful Gift

The next time you have an occasion to give a thoughtful gift, send fruit baskets from Damas flowers.

You’ll be able to choose from a variety of fresh, delicious fruit baskets that are sure to be received with a smile.

Easy Delivery Options

When you send a fruit basket, you have the option of having the basket delivered to your home if you want to present your gift in person.

However, if you prefer to have the fruit basket delivered, simply supply the recipient’s address and telephone number.

Your gift will arrive in excellent condition since the fruit is still on the tree when you place your order.

Makes an Excellent Corporate Gift

Many businesses find that fruit baskets make excellent corporate gifts. Whether your business is thanking a client for all the work during the year or expressing appreciation to employees for their dedication, thank you fruit baskets like these will always bring a smile. Fruit baskets are easily shared among office workers, and managers often use them as a way to show employees how much they care.

Many Choices Available

The beauty of a fruit basket are the many choices available. When you shop fruit baskets, you’ll see that you can choose from a mango fruit basket, apple fruit basket, or a mixture of everything fresh from the season.

Damas Flowers always packs their baskets with seasonal fruit that is fresh and ripe.

Varying Price Points

Fruit baskets from Damas Flowers are highly affordable, and there are varying price points to suit every budget. When you visit our website, and see a fruit baskets, know that we offer discounts on occasion to show our appreciation to our customers. In fact, this is a good time to stock up and buy a gift basket for yourself as well as a friend, before the offer runs out or the seasonal fruit is out of stock!

Personalized Message Available

When you send fruit basket greetings, a small note printed on the label with your personalized message is available per request. This way your recipient will know whom to thank for the thoughtful surprise.

Damas Flowers offers fruit baskets delivered across UAE. Send a fruit basket gift today to light up someone’s day.

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