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Send correct Birthday Flowers to your loved ones!

Pick flowers to gift on the basis of birth month!

When picking flowers for someone’s birthday, it’s easy to go with seasonal choices or their favorite kind of flower or color. Cheerful birthday flowers include lilies, gerberas, and orchids arranged as an arrangement or a bunch.  However, your flower gift can be little more thoughtful than that.

Just like star signs, each month of the year has a birth month flower. And therefore, it been said that the personality traits of a person may be the same as the characteristics of that person’s birth month flower.  So here is a convenient guide to the kinds of flowers to wish ‘Happy Birthday’ from January to December.

Carnation – January


For people who born in the month of January, what better bloom to withstand this season than the resilient carnation.  Carnations convey love, distinction and fascination. Alike roses, the different colors of carnations have different meanings.


Best Iris in UAE

Iris is the birth flower for people who born in the month of February. A beautiful garden flower, it signifies hope faith and knowledge.  They are usually available in blue, purple, yellow and white.

Daffodils – March

Best Daffodils in UAE

March is the month of bright sunny and yellow daffodils. They are considered happy flowers and perfect for people who born this month. They symbolize new beginnings, friendship & respect.

Daisy – April

Best Daisy in UAE

Daisy is the flower for those who wish to be young forever. It is April’s birth flower & represents joy & child innocence.  Daises are available in so many colors and varieties.

Lily – May

Best Lily in UAE

Lily is considered birth flower for people who are born in the month of May. Lily is an attractive little white bell shaped flower, signifies sweetness and humility. It’s greatly used for gifts, weddings and flower decorations.

Rose – June

Best Rose in UAE

Rose is the birth flower for June babies. Roses are available is variety of colors and each color represent different emotions such as yellow for friendship, red for love, white for purity & innocence and pink for elegance etc. Thus, Roses are first choice & good to go for birthday wishes.

Delphinium – July

Best Delphinium in UAE

Delphinium is a perfect flower for people born in the month of July. Blue, white and purple delphiniums denotes people who are light hearted and enjoy sense of humor.


Best Gladioli in UAE

Gladioli is also Gladys. They represent moral integrity and strength. Gladioli can be find in almost all the colors of the rainbow – green, white, pink, yellow, red, purple and orange.


Best Aster in UAE

Aster is the birth flower for people born in September. It is perfect for whose personality is grounded by faith, love, and wisdom. Aster looks like beautiful little daisy, which blooms in red, pink, white, mauve and lilac.


Best Marigolds in UAE

Marigold is the birth flower for the month of October and signifies people who are warm, fierce and devoted.

Chrysanthemums – November

Best Chrysanthemums in UAE

Chrysanthemums flower is the best gift for November babies. It symbolizes happiness, compassion, joy and friendship.


Best Poinsettia in UAE

Poinsettia is the birth flower for those who born in the month of December. It is also a traditional Christmas flower.  This flower represents cheerfulness and future success.

Now you all know, which flower to gift in which month and to whom. Perhaps this article will help you to be more thoughtful while sending wishes to your loved ones in their birthdays.

Have fun!

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Written and posted by Aditi Bhatt.

Copyright: 2016. All rights reserved.