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Flowers in family functions & ceremonies

Flowers are most unbelievable and unavoidable element of any culture. They are used as a means of communication to convey messages and hence considered very important in the day to day life of human being.

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Floral arrangement represent love, bliss, fertility and life. Culturally, different flowers carry different meaning. In some culture, white color flower represent a sign of death, white rose symbolize innocence and purity, yellow rose denotes victory and a flower with thistles and thorns indicates unhappiness and pain in life.

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In any joyous ceremony, flowery arrangement helps to stand out your event from all the others, it makes your venue more lush and beautiful. It turns the whole environment soothing and relaxing. In case of funerals, flowers indicates as an everlasting tribute to the loved one lost and works as a perpetual reminder of affection and friendship to support the bereaved through the grieving process.

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