Inexpensive Centerpiece ideas for any event

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and expensive but it doesn’t have to be! Today on the blog, I am sharing three simple, yet beautiful centerpiece ideas that won’t break the bank. These affordable centerpieces can fit in with any wedding decor.

Bud Vases

Bud Vases

Whether you’re having a laid back wedding reception or you’re on a tight budget, bud vases are a great option. Why not repurpose your glass bottles by using them as your vases?! All you need is a few statement stems that are filled with color and texture to complete the look. Clear glass bud vases are also a great choice. You can collect bud vases from local thrift stores or buy them elsewhere. Don’t be afraid to use mismatched vases together. Using them in clusters creates a beautiful, effortless look!

Greenery and Candles

If you’re loving this year’s greenery trend then this next centerpiece idea is for you! You don’t need a ton of greenery to make this look and it doesn’t take much time to make. All you need is a trio set of candles and your choice of greenery. What makes this look so stunning is its simplicity! Of course, if you’re using long tables then creating a simple table runner with greenery will work just fine.

Single Flower Type

Single Flower Type

Sticking with one variety can reduce the cost. Try to focus on flowers with bigger blooms. For example, Hydrangea has a large head so it doesn’t take many stems to achieve a full look. You can also you smaller blooms like Carnations. Carnations can be used in so many ways. It’s another option that doesn’t require a large amount to fill up your vase. It is possible to make a beautiful arrangement with inexpensive flowers!

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