Standing Decoration Piece

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Day by day “DAMAS Flowers” is in the path of progress,

Awakened is their thought, due to their business caress.

Men and women are inspired, are caught in a cob web net,

Are embracing DAMAS Flowers as their new shopping outlet.

Seasoned men with sincere attitude are managing the show,

Flower buyers are in cluster, come and see if you want to know.

Loved shop of the town, people love the flowery charm,

Oh! In the rush you will see a bouquet in the girl’s arm.

Women and men, all together are having a shopping spree,

Each and every person is busy buying bouquets two or three.

Role of flowers in human life is never a bitter dose,

See feel and realize it fragrance is your favorite rose.

Multi-Color Centerpieces

Have fun!

Love Damas Flowers!


Written and posted by Aditi Bhatt.

Copyright: 2016. All rights reserved.