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Flowers are the elixir of life, is an old universal saying. It is a thing of beauty, a joy forever. Visually it is decent, pleasing, elegant, eye inspiring and in many ways the means to acquire health, happiness and prosperity.

It was the charm of flowers which enticed both men and women in to the floral and flower arrangements business. The concept of thought to please mankind and thereby to earn money through flower business was indeed an idea invincible and thus this business was the outcome.

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Some florists having the knowledge of floristry adopted this profession. Some florists having some idea and experience in the floral trade also jumped in this business, but there were also some men who had no knowledge at the all of the floral business also adopted this profession just for the sake of a new business adoption.  All these three different characteristics had got one thing common in their minds and that was to earn money.

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The floral business though appears to be very simple and attractive to look at, truly speaking is not just so. An enormous business exercise is involved therein vis-a-via procurement policy, storage and handing, transportation-logistics, selection, flower alignment and arrangement, flower intermixing, flower decoration, flower shopping arcades identification, flower sales, flower delivery, administration and merchandising coupled with a brain to understand the complexities and vividness so as to correctly utilize one’s sense and sensibility for researching the market trends, traditions and icono-classicisms.

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In this process chain subtle periodical surveys, personal introspection exercises, buyer-seller interactions to address issues for betterment, door-door enquiry campaigns together with business display at prominent places are done in order to assess and ascertain the actual psychic nerve of the valued customers.

Need not to say, flower delivery & flower arrangements business is definitely an art but its execution, management, administration, merchandising techniques, arrangements, delivery mechanism, digital marketing, online methodology, reliable aftersales service, customer ear marking gives this art a new scientific dimension and definition.

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Despite the harmonious intermingling of “art and science” in the floral industry, the key factor which dominates to date is the CV (curriculum vitae) of the pro-active players managing the floral business.

In this context, “Mohannad Nader”- CEO – Owner of Damas Flowers, UAE possessing individual talent, expertise, dedication and drive, an envisaging attitude coupled with the neo-skill transformation abilities for growth, stability and development, clearly separates him from its contemporaries thus making him a character to reckon with in Dubai.

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Damas Flowers’ online flower delivery business practice, unique flower arrangements, digital flower delivery mechanism and methodology, punctuality to dot service with human compassion has made his image portrayal of an unmatched parallel in Dubai. And hence, Damas flowers is the talk of the town these days.

Written and posted by Aditi Bhatt.

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